Meeting Brie Ruias

Looking at Brie Ruias’s studio made me wish that we weren’t going through a pandemic. Her sculptures are so captivating! It is something that should be experienced in person just to fully emerge into her art. Honestly just seeing the colors and textures through zoom was immersive itself.

I know that this isn’t something that she can work for a couple of hours and just be completed. You can see the amount of time and work that she has put in through her work. I also love the way she creates the movement in the clay through each ridge and swirl.

What I love the most is her use of color. She doesn’t use bold colors, but instead natural earth toned colors. These colors help captivate her sculptures more and don’t take away from what she’s created. Looking at her work just makes me envision sand dunes and yoga at 7 am.

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