Meeting Sarah Crowner

Sarah’s studio is so freaking cool. I love the different colored canvases that she had hanging on the walls. The placement of her physical lights, and the natural lighting that came from her courtyard and her skylights. I initially thought the foam maquettes that she had were seats. The large tables that contained the stretched out canvas, and the sewing machine besides it.

I love that she sews her own canvases. I thought the process of how she makes her canvas that start from creating different puzzled sketches, and figuring out what looks best and what’s cohesive. Her Medusa painting (which cannot be previewed) is a prime example of the use of stitching, and placement of cut out shapes.

I think its so interesting that she uses textile ink through trial and error. After she said it, i had fireworks in my head. She’s genius. It’s how she gets the vivid colors on her canvases. I was so shocked that she was open to sharing what materials she used. The color relationships that she creates is so cool. She even focuses on how the color looks in different types of lighting.

Although her canvases are solely made out if paint and stretched canvas, it reminds me of collage. The amount of work that she puts into it by separating and applying additional canvas and layering just makes me picture her work as collage because of the combinations of multiple resources on the same material.

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