Meeting Adeze Wilford

Adeze Wilford is an assistant curator at The Shed in New York City. Adeze is such a well accomplished young woman to be in the place where she’s at now career wise. Listening to her speak about how goal driven she was and what goes on in her day to day life was so exciting. I really thought it was cool that she was honest and open with our class because it is hard to come by when some people are impersonal through virtual meetings.

We were able to learn about the current exhibition going on at the Shed now and future plans. Adeze also showed us the layout of the gallery which was really cool and helpful. When she presented the show to our class I was honestly so stunned at how passionate she was about this exhibition. You can tell that she loves the work that she does and I truly do wish the best for what’s to come in her future curating.

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