Meeting Claudia Bitran

I enjoyed this visit the most. I am honored to meet Britney Spears’ #1 fan. I’m just kidding but her appreciation and love for Britney is so nice because it is what has helped her launch her career as cosplaying for her! Let alone years later Claudia was able to win a contest and meet Britney is insane!!!!

I learned a lot about performative art through Claudia and how much work that goes into it. Viewing her site prior to her visit I was confuse about her videos but when she shared what she was feeling at the time and what she wanted her audience to see, everything just clicked. I was able to understand and see the humor and sadness. My favorite piece of work would have to be the one that included Adele’s Someone Like You and how she really captured the loneliness of those who karaoked to it.

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