Meeting Kenny Schacter

Kenny Schacter is quite the entrepreneur. He’s like a jack of all trades in the art world: a critic, a gallerist, a dealer, and an artist. I was pretty nervous when it came to meeting Schacter because of his experience he’s had, but throughout the call I became more and more comfortable with this man through the screen.

Kenny was honest about how tough the art world is and also how valuable. He did talk about art a lot and the different values of art, but in reality he said that there is no real value, because someone’s could price something at $5,000 and no one would want it, but if someone priced the work at $50,000 there’d be people that’d talk about it, and if there was a painting at half a million, then a lot of people would want to buy it. He shared that you can buy art from anyone and set the value from there, which I’m not sure how comfortable I am with that phrase, but I do like that he said that we set the value for what art is.

Kenny expressed that we should all use our social platforms and stand up for what we believe. Kenny frequently talked about the trolls who although spread hate are too fans of his.

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