Meeting Leonardo Drew

Leonardo Drew’s talk seemed so warming. His laugh was infectious, his jokes were hilarious and his confidence was brilliant. I love how welcoming he was towards everyone. When the meeting started he was actually working on multiple projects because being an artist is his job and he’s passionate about his work.

I wish that I was able to see one of his sculptures in person just because of how large they are and how different each one is. I also think that it’s different if you’re looking at art from something that you do not know, versus looking at art from someone that you have met. I hope to view his work sometime in the future.

Seeing Leonardo work in his space motivated me to create more work. He works on seven works at a time. That is DEDICATION! He keeps his works in rotation. Seeing his smile when he talks about his work and just his work process just made something in my brain click to continue working on things instead of leaving them unfinished.

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