Meeting Saisha Greyson

I enjoyed meeting Saisha Greyson because she is the first person that we’ve met during the semester that does curatorial work. Saisha studied in the curatorial program at Columbia University and received a Masters in Art History, She then attended graduate school and received her PHD at CUNY.

Her work specifies in time based media art. I actually learned that time based media art is an umbrella term, and the work that falls under it is film, video, slideshow, sound art, multimedia installations, web softwares, performance and score based production.

She worked at the Brooklyn Museum and now works at the Smithsonian. Saisha’s role at the Brooklyn Museum was completely different and her overall experience there versus working at the Smithsonian. She explained that culturally the museums do not have the same environment and crowds that attend. She also shared that the budgets were drastically different too. Saisha has been creating change in the Smithonian’s environment by introducing “new ideas” like planning events for pride month and women’s history month, something that had never been brought up prior to her working there!

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