T. Rex Skeleton Brings $31.8 Million at Christie’s Auction

I had the privilege of viewing this fossil from outside of Christie’s. I was on my way to the Nintendo store with my boyfriend to explore what type of merchandise they had for Animal crossing, and as we were walking along East 49th Street, I just see a lot of people inside of Christie’s. We continued to walk and from the corner of my eye I see this huge tyrannosaurus fossil! I was very confused at first because I only saw this large blob but when I fully turned my head I saw the fossil in all it’s glory. I had never seen anything like it. I stopped walking and my boyfriend was confused as to why, and I said, you don’t see things like this! It’s a T. Rex! How awesome is that! And it just didn’t seem as important to him, but for me it just resonated because of how beautiful and well preserved it was.

Stan, at 40 feet long and 13 feet high, was one of the most unusual offerings at Christie’s New York on Tuesday night, breaking records for dinosaur fossils

I was confused because I would not have expected to see that at Christie’s, but then it made sense. Obviously Christie’s would auction a T REX fossil. I was just very backtracked because I was on trek to Nintendo NY, and was able to treasure one of these moments.After looking on The NY Times, I was so excited to see that someone had wrote about the auction of this fossil. Stan the tyrannosaurus is an estimated worth of at least 300 million dollars!!!! Stan was auctioned at the price of $31.9 million. 

I hope that Stan the tyrannosaurus is used for great purposes and the owners take very good care of him. Obviously they would. I’m just honored to have been able to experience viewing him from the outside of Christie’s window.

If you would like to learn more about Stan the T. Rex, click here. 🙂

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