The James Fuentes Gallery

I was not expecting to meet James Fuentes but I did and it was so awesome. I like that he is apart of his gallery and is there to run and manage everything that is going on. I was amazed that he did not have any college experience when entering the art world, but was motivated by his work as security guard at a museum.

Throughout his time meeting with us he told us about what goes behind setting up a gallery, the measurements in space, the way materials travel, everything! James expressed his feelings on his gallery’s web page, and how things should not be experienced online but in person, and he does not feel stress about improving his site because that is not what places that contain art are for, besides contacting and reserving. In his words, ”You don’t just click ‘BUY’ online. You gotta see the models. Feel the leather. Smell the new car” and that’s how we should be experiencing art today. I look forward to visiting his gallery once New York isn’t a hot pot for cases.

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