The Spencer Brownstone Gallery

The Spencer Brownstone Gallery’s September Exhibition displayed Cuban artist, Ariel Orozco’s “Have a seat and let me tell you”. Orozco was unable to see his exhibition due to travel restrictions but the manager was able to present it in the way that he envisioned it to be. There is a courtyard at the entrance of the Spencer Brownstone Gallery, that has two street lamps, that flicker in Morse code. The message is not revealed but insinuates that this show will include subliminal messages. Inside of the gallery you are welcomed with four large panels, that includes taillights which make it look like you’re staring at the back of invisible cars. I enjoyed the message behind the works, but personally did not think that it was executed well. I think if there was more mixed media apart of the gallery I might have enjoyed it more, or if I visited the gallery in person I would have appreciated the work in the space, but it just felt that the execution fell short of the vision.

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